About Kristina

Hi! My name is Kristina! I’m Russian and currently living in Moscow. I’m called a bookworm,  an avid reader, a voracious reader, you name it. The thing is I can’t imagine life without books. Not a day goes by but I read several pages out of the book. To cut a long story short, books are my passion.

There are two aims of Kristina’s Book Review Podcast: the first one is to share my thoughts about the books that I’ve read; the second one is to practice my English. The fact is that my mother tongue is Russian and English is my second language, which I find very fascinating, by the way! It is safe to say that I’m absorbed in learning English as well as in reading books. So, don’t judge my English too harshly, please. It’s not perfect… yet! But it’s going to be very soon! Heaven help me!

Feel free to send me an email here: kristina@krisland. ru

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