Don’t mind, no frowns, cheer down

It’s Monday again. Alright then, let’s do it one more time. Moscow is covered by snow. It’s a gorgeous weather for going for a walk, not for driving, obviously. I’m enjoying it. 

Lately I’ve been hooked on TV series. I’m not happy about it at all, but what can I do? It’s my guilty pleasure. I started watching a new TV series Chicago Fire. I think the title speaks for itself, so there is no need to explain what it is about. I like it very much. Very good cast and plot. Before that I finished Code Black. Also worth while. I’m impressed by Marcia Gay Harden’s performance. She is terrific in it.

Yesterday I listened to The Red, drama on bbc radio 4. It’s about a son who has been sober for 25 years and after his father’s death he wrestles with temptation. Which is alcohol. Fascinating. As for books, my break took too long, I guess. Never mind. I’m totally ok with that. I need a rest for my brain and eyes. It’s an excuse, isn’t it? Never mind.

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