Don’t tell me about Monday morning

Hey hey. Hope your weekend was a good one. Mine featured Paddington 2, TV series (Shameless, Vera, Chance),  A Layman’s Guide to Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis by Eric Berne. Having seen Chance (which is rubbish, by the way, I am very disappointed by Hugh Laurie – but never mind, it doesnt’ matter now), I was curious about psychiatry. That’s why I decided to read Bern’s book. Prior to that I’ve already read several books written by Berne (Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy and Games People Play), so I was familiar with the writer who was the most notable psychiatrist in the 20th century. Obviously I read in Russian. It is written in accessible language. If you are interested in this subject, Eric Berne is a good writer to start with.

Last week I started reading A Gentleman in Moscow. So far so good. But I noticed I was a bit tired of reading. So I’m going to listen to audiobooks or abridged version by bbc radio 4, instead of reading. Let’s see how it’s going to be.

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