Now today was so nice

It was quite an unusual morning because of some circumstances. But it was ok.  It’s my third day of fast. Yeap. I’m very excited about it. Not really. I’m half excited to be precise.

Actually my morning started with Luke’s English Podcast. I listened to the episode about philosophy. I liked it. Moreover I’ve learned quite a lot. For instance, Luke was describing 8 different “schools” of philosophical thought. It seems to be a complicated subject, however Luke managed to explain them the way I could understand. Luke is genius. Back to philosophy. I think I belong to stoicism, I mean I associate myself with this school of philosophy. The main reason is I like to break out of my comfort zone. For example, my experience with fast. The next thing I’m planing to do is cut out my native language completely for one day. I’ll be speaking English only for an entire day. What a stoic I am!

Yesterday I began to watch Code Black, a medical TV series. I enjoy it very much, to be honest. I didn’t expect I’d like it. Which means keep your expectations low. Sometimes it helps.

And Happy February, folks! Stay warm out there.

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